An Introduction to Film Lists and Change Lists

When you’ve finished editing and are ready either to have the original camera negative cut or to conform a workprint, it’s time to export a film list. Using the information in the database, Cinema Tools translates the edits made in Final Cut Pro into information a negative cutter can use as a guide. This information is provided in the form of a cut list. A number of other lists that are useful for film can be exported with the cut list. All of these lists, including the cut list, are called film lists.

One film list file can contain several related lists, including any of the following:

You can generate another type of list, called a change list, after an initial cut list has been created or when you want to compare two XML versions of a Final Cut Pro sequence. In a film workflow, the change list assumes a workprint has been cut to the specifications of a cut list (or prior change list) and specifies further changes to make to the workprint, based on edits you have made to the sequence in Final Cut Pro. See Creating Change Lists for more information.