Choosing the List Format

Cinema Tools provides three format options for exporting your lists:

See Exporting Film Lists Using Final Cut Pro for information about creating film lists using Final Cut Pro and Creating EDL-Based and XML-Based Film Lists for information about creating film lists using Cinema Tools.

About PDF-Format Film Lists

Exporting a PDF-format film list creates a file that can be opened in Preview or any other PDF viewer. You can choose which items to include in the list and even set their order.

Tip: Although you cannot directly edit the text in a PDF file when viewing it with Preview, you can use the Preview annotation tool to add comments. See Preview Help for more information.

About XML-Format Film Lists

Exporting an XML-format film list creates a file that contains all film-related information from the Final Cut Pro sequence.

Important: XML-format film lists are not related to the other XML files you can export from Final Cut Pro.

Unlike PDF-format film list files, which are intended to be printed and read, XML-format film list files are formatted so that other applications can reliably extract specific data from the film list. The XML format is intended to be used to exchange information between software applications. The purpose of XML-format film lists is to provide all of the film information about a Final Cut Pro sequence in a format that the user can incorporate into other custom software being used in the film workflow.

Note: You can open an XML-format film list in a text editor, such as TextEdit, to see the structure and information it contains.

See XML Film List Basics for more information about the contents of XML film lists.

About Style Sheet–Based Film Lists

Cinema Tools includes support for custom film lists. These film lists are based on Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) files, or, as they are referred to in Cinema Tools, style sheets. Cinema Tools includes style sheets and support for custom style sheets that you create.

XSLT-based style sheets are commonly used to extract information from XML files. When you export a style sheet–based film list, Cinema Tools first exports an XML-format film list and then processes that XML output with the selected style sheet, resulting in exactly the output items and layout the style sheet specifies.

The Cinema Tools–supplied style sheet files are located in /Library/Application Support/Final Cut Studio/Cinema Tools/ and all have an .xsl file extension. When you choose Add Style Sheet from the Style Sheet pop-up menu in the Export Film Lists dialog to import a custom style sheet, the style sheet is copied to /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Final Cut Studio/Cinema Tools/.

Note: You can also manually copy your custom style sheets to either of these folders to have them appear in the Style Sheet pop-up menu without having to use Add Style Sheet first.

See Working with XSL Style Sheets for information about customizing style sheets to better match your workflow.