Considerations When Exporting to Videotape

You may want to make a videotape of your edited program, either to make it easier to view the program or to provide a visual reference for the negative cutter. There are a few ways to create a videotape from an edited sequence, and these methods are explained in the Final Cut Pro documentation. However, if you edited video at 24 fps and you want to create a PAL or NTSC videotape, there are additional considerations explained here.

When you make a videotape from a 24 fps sequence, some video output devices create an NTSC or PAL signal by inserting extra fields as needed to go from 24 fps to 25 fps or 29.97 fps. Such a tape is generally fine for viewing, but not as accurate as it should be if it is to be used as a visual reference in cutting the negative. Make sure to let your negative cutter know if there are issues with the videotape (for example, if the video occasionally displays the wrong frame).