How Much Can Be Done from Final Cut Pro?

Because of the high level of integration between Cinema Tools and Final Cut Pro, you have several options for each stage in your project’s workflow. For example, should you import the telecine log into Cinema Tools and export a batch capture list for Final Cut Pro, or should you import the telecine log directly into Final Cut Pro? Your situation and preferred working methods will often make this decision for you. Among the Cinema Tools–related functions you can perform directly from Final Cut Pro are:

Following is a diagram showing an ideal workflow that focuses on using Final Cut Pro methods.

Figure. Diagram showing the workflow steps that can be done in Final Cut Pro.

In this workflow, you can focus on using Final Cut Pro, and Cinema Tools performs tasks in the background as needed. You must use Cinema Tools manually if you want to add information to the database beyond what the telecine log provided, or if you have a unique issue with reverse telecine and need to configure its settings.