Before You Shoot Your Film

Before you begin your project, make sure to discuss it with all parties involved in the process:

These are people who are experts in their fields. They can provide invaluable information that can make the difference between a smooth, successful project and one that seems constantly to run into obstacles.

Be Careful How You Save Money

There are a number of times throughout the film production process when you will get to choose between “doing it right” and “doing it well enough.” Often your budget or a lack of time drives the decision. Make sure you thoroughly understand your workflow choices before making decisions that could end up costing you more, both in time and money, in the long run. Problems based on choices made early in the process—for example, deciding not to have a telecine log made—could take you by surprise later.

Having professional facilities handle the tasks they specialize in, especially when you are new to the process, is highly recommended. You may actually save money by spending a little for tasks that you could do yourself, such as using an audio post-production facility.

Also, do not underestimate the importance of using the cut list to conform a workprint before conforming the negative. Although creating and editing a workprint adds costs to the project, incorrectly conforming the original camera negative will cause irreparable harm to your film.