Working with REDCODE Media

Working with media recorded using the RED ONE camera requires that your computer have RED Final Cut Studio support software installed. See the RED Digital Cinema Camera Company website at for more information.

Each REDCODE media file is made up of several files inside a folder with an .RDC extension. For example, you can have a folder with the name H046_C001_1002VL.RDC that contains the following files:

The file with the .R3D extension is the actual media clip—the other files in the folder with .mov extensions are QuickTime movies that are optionally created by the RED ONE camera, providing different resolutions of the media file.

To add a record that is connected to a REDCODE clip to a Cinema Tools database, you need to drag the .RDC folder that contains the media files or any of the .mov files in the folder to the Cinema Tools List View window. Alternatively, you can drag a folder that contains multiple .RDC folders (representing multiple REDCODE clips) to the Cinema Tools application icon to create a new database based on the clips.

When you play the clip in the Clip window, a .mov file (usually the one with “_M” in its name) is played.

Important: There has to be at least one .mov file in the folder for Cinema Tools to be able to play the clip in the Clip window.