About the Clip Window

You use the Clip window to play the selected clip, identify the timecode and key number of a specific frame, view general information about the clip, and process it with the Reverse Telecine and Conform features.

To open the Clip window
Do one of the following:
  • Choose File > Open Clip (or press Command-O), locate a clip, then click Choose.

  • Click Open Clip in the Detail View window (if a clip is connected to the current record).

  • Click Connect Clip in the Detail View window, then select a clip (if one has not already been connected to the record).

  • Drag one or more (up to 20 total) clips from a Finder window to the Cinema Tools application icon. A Clip window opens for each clip.

    Note: If you drag a folder containing clips to the Cinema Tools icon, a new database is created. See Creating a New Database Using Cinema Tools for more information.

You can have multiple Clip windows open at one time. They are dynamically added to and removed from the Window menu as you open and close them.

Figure. Clip window.

See Settings in the Clip Window for information about the buttons and settings in the Clip window.