Backing Up, Copying, Renaming, and Locking Databases

As is the case with all important data, it is wise to store backup copies of your Cinema Tools database files and to lock the database files if you want to make sure they are not modified or deleted. Do this by using any of the standard desktop methods for copying and locking files. You can back up your files on your computer’s hard disk or on separate removable media. If you are going to lock a database file, make sure that the database is closed before you lock it.

You can also use any standard desktop method to rename a database file. Changing a database filename (as opposed to a source clip filename) does not affect the content of the database or any of the database functions.

Important: Changing a source clip filename (by editing it in the Finder) is not recommended because it breaks the link between the source clip and the database. However, you can reconnect clips to the database using the Reconnect command.