About Working with Database Information

As described in Deciding How You Should Create the Database, there are two basic approaches to creating your project database:

See Importing Database Information for information about the different methods you can use to import information into your database.

Even if you do generate a database with a telecine log, you may want to make modifications and additions to the database records at a later time. You can do this by using the Detail View window or the Clip window. (In the Clip window, you can only modify existing database records.) See Entering Database Information Manually for more information. Also see Using the Identify Feature to Calculate Database Information for details about how to determine various types of database information.

You can modify any information in the database by editing settings in the Detail View window and the Identify pane of the Clip window. Some of the calculations you make using the Identify feature update preexisting information, modifying the database automatically. See the following for more information:

Also see Verifying and Correcting Edge Code and Timecode Numbers for details about how to ensure that you have correct values in your database.

Important: Before you can enter information in the database, you need to have an existing database. See Creating and Configuring a New Database for details about creating a new, empty database.