Fixing Broken Clip-to-Database Links

When a source clip that has been connected to the database is renamed or moved, the link between the clip and the database breaks and the clip needs to be reconnected. For individual clips, clicking the Open Clip button in the Detail View window opens a dialog that lets you reconnect the clip to the database record. If a group (folder) of source clips has been moved, you can use the Connect Clips command in the Database menu to update any broken links to clips that are in the folder you select.

Reconnecting Individual Clips

You can easily reconnect a single clip whose link to the database has been broken because the clip was renamed or moved.

To reconnect a source clip that has been renamed or moved
  1. Open the database record in the Detail View window.

    See Finding and Opening Database Records for details.

  2. Click Open Clip.

  3. In the dialog that appears, click Reconnect, then select the clip.

The clip is connected to the database record.

Locating Broken Links and Reconnecting Groups of Clips

For clips that have been moved or renamed, the Connect Clips command in the Database menu makes it easy to locate and fix the broken links for several clips in one folder. This command updates any broken links to clips that are in the selected folder and its subfolders.

Note: When a disk volume containing clips is unmounted, Cinema Tools cannot find the clips until the volume is mounted again. You don’t need to use the Connect Clips command to fix this kind of temporarily broken link. To reestablish such connections, simply mount the disk volume that contains the missing clips.

To locate and fix links that are broken because source clips have been moved
  1. Make sure that the List View window displays the set of records that you want to search for broken links.

    To display all of the records in the database, click Show All in the List View window.

  2. Choose Database > Connect Clips.

  3. In the dialog that appears, navigate to the folder where the clips are located.

    All clips in the folder and its subfolders are available for Cinema Tools to connect to.

  4. Click Open.

  5. In the dialog, select the correct clip for the current record and click Open.

For every database record, Cinema Tools looks in the selected folder and its subfolders for a clip with a matching video reel and timecode value. Each time Cinema Tools finds a matching clip, it connects the clip to the correct database record.

Additionally, poster frames are automatically created for each record that gets a clip connected.