Using the Conform Feature

Conforming a clip to a frame rate means that each frame in the clip is given an equal duration in seconds based on a frame rate you specify. For example, if you conform a clip with 360 frames to 24 frames per second, each frame becomes 1/24 of a second, and the total duration of the clip is 360/24 seconds, or 15.0 seconds. Use the Conform feature to change the frame rate of a clip to the frame rate at which you want to edit. If the clip contains audio and video, the Conform feature also adjusts the audio rate so that the audio and video remain in sync.

Refer to Ways You Can Prepare the Source Clips for help in deciding whether or not you should use the Conform feature.

Important: Conforming modifies the actual source media file. You must have read-and-write access to the media file for the Conform feature to be available. Additionally, you cannot use the Undo command to restore the file to its original frame rate; however, you can use the Conform feature a second time to return the file to its original frame rate if necessary.

Conforming One Clip at a Time

You can individually conform each clip.

To conform a clip in Cinema Tools
  1. Choose File > Open Clip, then select the clip in the dialog.

  2. In the Clip window, click the Conform button.

  3. In the Conform Clip dialog, choose a new frame rate from the “Conform to” pop-up menu, then click Conform.

    Figure. Conform Clip dialog.

You can also conform 25 fps clips to 24 fps from within Final Cut Pro.

To conform a clip in Final Cut Pro
  1. Select one or more clips in the Browser to conform from 25 fps to 24 fps.

  2. Choose Tools > Conform 25 to 24.

The clips are conformed to 24 fps.

Note: If any of the selected clips are not 25 fps, a warning appears stating that one or more clips will not be processed.

Batch Conforming Several Clips at a Time

As an alternative to conforming the frame rate of each clip individually, you can use the Batch Conform feature to conform the frame rates of all the clips in a selected folder.

To batch conform in Cinema Tools
  1. Make sure all the clips you want to conform are in the same folder.

  2. Choose File > Batch Conform.

  3. In the dialog that appears, select any clip file in the folder that contains the clips you want to conform, then click Choose.

    Note: You only need to select one clip file. All the clips in the folder will be conformed.

  4. In the Batch Conform dialog, choose a frame rate from the “Conform to” pop-up menu, then click Conform.

    Figure. Batch Conform dialog.

After the batch conform process is completed, the following occur:

  • The clips are conformed to the chosen frame rate and placed in a Cinema Tools–created subfolder named “Conformed [frame rate],” where “frame rate” is the new frame rate for the clips. A folder might be named Conformed 24.0, for example.

  • If Cinema Tools is unable to complete the conform process for a clip, that clip is moved into a Cinema Tools–created subfolder named Skipped. (A clip is not processed if it doesn’t contain a video track, if the frame rate is not supported, or if no codec is found for the video track.)

  • A text file named “conform.log” appears at the top level of the folder. This log gives the date and time that the process started and ended, for each clip. If any problems were encountered, such as running out of disk space or memory, an error message describing the problem also appears in the log.