About Easy Setups and Setting the Editing Timebase

Cinema Tools installs Easy Setups that were created to make setting up Final Cut Pro convenient for Cinema Tools users. When you select an Easy Setup in Final Cut Pro, your sequence presets, capture presets, device control presets, and external video presets are all set for you so that you don’t have to select them individually. Cinema Tools users may want to take advantage of these Easy Setups:

Refer to the Final Cut Pro documentation for details about accessing and working with Easy Setups.

Important: If you don’t use an Easy Setup, you still need to set the editing timebase, before you begin editing, to the frame rate of your source clips. This ensures that new sequences you create in Final Cut Pro are set for the frame rate at which you want to edit. See the Final Cut Pro documentation for details about setting the editing timebase in the Sequence Preset Editor.

All Easy Setups designed specifically for Cinema Tools users, except for “DV PAL 24 @ 25,” have the name Cinema Tools in the title. For example, “Cinema Tools - 23.98fps from DV NTSC.”

By default, the Easy Setups for Cinema Tools users do not appear in the pop-up menu in the Choose Setup dialog. To see all the Easy Setups in the pop-up menu, including the ones for Cinema Tools, select the Show All checkbox in the dialog.

Or, to add specific Easy Setups to the pop-up menu, you can add an asterisk (*) to the end of the Easy Setup filename. For example, you would edit the “Cinema Tools - 23.98fps from DV NTSC” filename to look like this: “Cinema Tools - 23.98fps from DV NTSC*.”

The Easy Setup files are found in the following location: /Library/Application Support/Final Cut Pro System Support/Custom Settings/.