Ensuring Cut List Accuracy with 3:2 Pull-Down or 24 & 1 Video

With 3:2 pull-down NTSC video or 24 & 1 PAL video (also known as 24 @ 25 pull-down video in Final Cut Pro), a film frame that is matched back from your edits may turn out to be the one before or the one after your original edit point. (See Frame Rate Basics for an explanation.)

With 3:2 pull-down NTSC video, you can avoid such match-back inaccuracies by using the Cinema Tools Reverse Telecine feature or third-party reverse telecine hardware to reverse the 3:2 telecine pull-down before you begin editing.

If you did not reverse the 3:2 pull-down in NTSC video (or if you are working with 24 & 1 PAL video), you can still avoid cut list inaccuracies through careful editing. Your goal for each clip is to make sure that the frame showing the slate, or the last frame of the previous shot, doesn’t end up in the final film: