Controls in the Previews Tab

The Previews tab is a two-part display that helps you guide your adjustments while you use the HSL qualifiers and the vignette controls. Two reduced-resolution images show you different views of the operation you’re performing.

Note: The Matte Preview Mode and Vignette Outline appear in the preview display of the Scopes window only when the Previews tab in the Secondaries room is selected.

Figure. The Vignette preview, HSL Qualifier Matte preview, preview mode buttons, and vignette outline button.
  • Vignette preview: The image on the left (above) shows you the position and size of the currently selected vignette shape, when the Vignette button is enabled. When you use the square or circle vignette, this window also contains an onscreen control you can use to move, resize, and soften the vignette. If you’ve selected a user shape in the Geometry room instead, you’ll see a noneditable outline of that shape. For more information, see Isolating a Region Using the Vignette Controls.
  • HSL qualifier preview: The image on the right shows you the matte that’s being generated by the HSL qualifiers. This window does not include the mask that’s generated by the vignette controls, nor does it display the HSL matte as it appears when the Key Blur parameter is used. (The final HSL matte as it’s modified by both vignetting and key blur is visible in the preview display only when the Matte Preview Mode is set to Matte Only.)

    The white areas of the mask indicate the parts of the image that are selected with the current qualification settings, that will be affected by the adjustments you make. The black areas of the image are the parts of the picture that remain unaffected.

  • Matte Preview Mode buttons: These buttons control what is visible in the preview display in the Scopes window. There are three modes:
    • Final image: Shows a preview of how the final effect looks. This is similar to the ordinary preview that’s displayed in the Scopes window, except that it also shows the vignette outline, when the Vignette button is enabled.
    • Desaturated preview: The areas of the image that are selected with the current qualification settings appear in color, while the areas of the image that remain unaffected are desaturated and appear monochrome.
    • Matte only: Shows the actual matte being used to limit the effect. This is similar to the image displayed in the HSL Qualifier preview display, except that it shows the sum of the vignette mask and the HSL mask, as well as the results of the mask as it’s modified by the Key Blur parameter.
      Figure. Final image, desaturated preview, and matte only modes compared.
  • Vignette outline button: When the Vignette button is turned on, the Vignette outline button lets you display or hide the vignette outline that appears in the Preview window.