Using Color FX with Interlaced Shots

One of the limitations of the Color FX room is that many effects need to be specially assembled when you’re working on interlaced video.

When you’re creating an effect for an interlaced shot, you need to separate each field at the beginning of the node tree with two Deinterlace nodes, one set to Even and one set to Odd. Once that’s done, you need to process each individual field using identical node trees.

When you’re finished with the effect, you need to reassemble the fields into frames using the Interlace node, connecting the Even branch of the node tree to the Even input on the left and the Odd branch of the node tree to the Odd input on the right. The Output node is attached to the Interlace node, and you’re finished.

Figure. Creating a Color FX effect for interlaced media.

If you don’t process each field separately, you may encounter unexpected image artifacts, especially when using filtering and transform nodes such as Blur, Sharpen, Stretch, and Translate.