Making Extra Corrections Using the Primary Out Room

The Color interface was designed for flexibility. The functionality of each of the color correction rooms overlaps broadly, and although each room has been arranged to optimize certain types of operations, you can perform corrections using whichever controls you prefer.

In many cases, colorists like to split up different steps of the color correction process among different rooms. This is detailed in Managing a Shot’s Corrections Using Multiple Rooms.

Using this approach, you might perform a shot’s main correction using the Primary In room, use the Secondaries room for stylized “look” adjustments, and then apply one of your previously saved “secret sauce” Color FX room effects to give the shot its final grade.

Once your client has had the opportunity to screen the program, you’ll no doubt be given additional notes and feedback on your work. It’s at this time that the value of the Primary Out room becomes apparent.

Up until now, this room has remained unused, but because of that, it’s a great place to easily apply these final touches. Because you can apply these final corrections in a completely separate room, it’s easy to clear them if the client changes his or her mind.

Furthermore, it’s easy to use the Primary Out room to apply changes that affect an entire scene to multiple clips at once (sometimes referred to as trimming other grades).

To trim one or more selected grades using the Primary Out room
  1. Move the playhead to the shot you want to adjust, then click the Primary Out room.

  2. Make whatever adjustments are required using the color and contrast controls.

  3. Select all the shots in the Timeline that you want to apply these adjustments to.

  4. Click Copy To Selected.

    The corrections you made in the Primary Out room of the current shot are applied to every shot you’ve selected.

    Note: The Copy To Selected command overwrites any previous settings in the Primary Out room of each selected clip, so if you need to make a different adjustment, you can simply repeat the procedure described above to apply it to each selected shot again.