The Difference Between Corrections and Grades

There is a distinct difference between corrections and grades in Color. Understanding the difference is key to managing each set of adjustments correctly.

Corrections are adjustments that are made within a single room. You have the option to save individual corrections into the bins available in the Primary In and Out, Secondaries, and Color FX rooms. Once saved, corrections can be applied to one or more shots in your project without changing the settings of any other rooms. For example, if there are five shots in a scene to which you want to apply a previously saved secondary correction, you can do so without affecting the primary corrections that have already been made to those shots. Each room has its own corrections bin for saving and applying individual corrections, although the Primary In and Primary Out rooms share the same saved corrections.

A grade, on the other hand, encompasses multiple corrections across several rooms, saving every primary, secondary, and Color FX correction together as a single unit. When you save a group of corrections as a grade, you can apply them all together as a single preset. Applying a saved grade overwrites any corrections that have already been made to the shot or shots you're applying it to. Saved grades are managed using the Grades bin, located in the Setup room.