Setting a Beauty Grade in the Timeline

When you've set up a project with multiple grades for each shot, it may become difficult to keep track of the grade you like best for any given shot. Marking a particular grade as the beauty grade lets you keep track of the currently preferred grade for each shot.

While the beauty grade setting is primarily intended as a visual marker for your reference, there is a command available from the Render Queue menu to add all beauty grades to the Render Queue. (For more information, see How to Render Shots in Your Project.) This means that you can use the beauty grade designation to control which shots are added to the Render Queue. For example, you might use the beauty grade to keep track of which clips you’ve changed during a revisions session, making it easy to render only the changed shots at the end of the day.

The beauty grade does not have to be the currently selected grade, although if you begin using the beauty grade designation, it’s best to keep it up-to-date for each shot in your project to avoid confusion.

To mark a grade as the beauty grade
  1. Move the playhead to the shot on which you want to set a beauty grade.

  2. Select the grade you want to set as the beauty grade.

  3. Do one of the following:

    • Choose Grade > Set Beauty Grade.

    • Press Shift-Control-B.

    • Move the pointer into the Timeline area, then press B.

    The currently selected grade turns rust red to show that it's the beauty grade.

    Figure. Marking a grade as the beauty grade.

    You can change which grade is set as the beauty grade at any time, or you can clear beauty grade designations altogether.

To clear the beauty grade designation of one or more shots
  1. Select one or more shots in the Timeline.

  2. Choose Grade > Clear Selected Beauty Grades.

    The beauty grade color is removed from all selected shots.

To clear the beauty grade designation from all shots
  • Choose Grade > Clear All Beauty Grades.

    The beauty grade color is removed from all shots in the Timeline