Keyframing Limitations

There are three major limitations to the use of keyframes in Color.

You Can’t Keyframe Clips That Use Speed Effects

While color correcting projects that were sent from Final Cut Pro, there’s a limitation to shots with speed effects applied to them. While they can be adjusted in any of the rooms in Color like any other shot, speed-effected shots cannot be keyframed in Color.

If you’re prepping a project in Final Cut Pro that you want to send to Color, you can avoid this limitation by exporting all clips with speed effects as self-contained QuickTime files and reedit them into the Timeline of your Final Cut Pro sequence to replace the original effects before you send the sequence to Color.

Tip: If you’re exporting clips with speed effects in order to make them self-contained QuickTime files, you may want to try sending slow motion clips to Motion, where you can set the clip’s Frame Blending parameter to Optical Flow for smoother effects processing. After you’ve processed your slow motion clips in Motion, it’s best to export self-contained QuickTime files from Motion, which you can then reedit into your Final Cut Pro sequence to replace the original effects.

You Can’t Keyframe Curves in the Primary or Secondaries Room

Curves in the Primary In and Out rooms, or in the Secondaries room, can’t be animated with keyframes. The other parameters in the room will be animated, but curves remain static throughout the shot.

Pan & Scan Room Keyframes Can’t Be Sent Back to Final Cut Pro

Pan & Scan keyframes that are created in Color cannot be translated into corresponding motion effect keyframes in Final Cut Pro. All Color keyframes are removed when you send your project back to Final Cut Pro, with the settings at the first frame of each clip being used for translation.

Note: Keyframed Scale, Rotation, Center, and Aspect Ratio Motion tab parameters in Final Cut Pro do not appear and are not editable in Color, but these keyframes are preserved and reappear when you send your project back to Final Cut Pro. If a clip has Motion tab keyframes from Final Cut Pro, it appears in Color with the geometry of the last keyframe that’s applied to the clip. If necessary, you can Reset the geometry room to see the entire clip, since this will have no effect on the keyframes being internally preserved and returned to Final Cut Pro.