Saving Images to the Still Store

To use the Still Store, you must first save one or more images for later recall.

To add an image to the Still Store
  1. Move the playhead to a frame you want to save to the Still Store.

    You should choose a graded image that contains the subjects you need to compare and that is representative of the lighting and color you’re trying to match.

  2. If the Still Store is currently turned on, turn it off to make sure you don’t accidentally save a still of the currently displayed split screen.

  3. Optionally, if you want to save the still with a custom name, you can click the Still Store tab and type a name in the File field below the Still Store bin.

    If you don’t enter a custom name, each still image you save will be automatically named in the following manner:


    The date and time reflect exactly when the still image was saved.

    Note: If you load a still image into the Still Store immediately prior to saving another one, the newly saved still image will use the name of the still you loaded, overwriting the previously saved still as a result.

  4. To save the still, do one of the following:

    • From any room, choose Still Store > Store (or press Control-I).

    • Click the Still Store tab, then click Save.

    A still image of the frame at the position of the playhead is saved as an uncompressed DPX file in the /StillStore/ subdirectory within the project bundle itself. It also appears within Color as an item in the Still Store bin. When the Still Store is set to icon view, each saved still appears with a thumbnail for reference.

    Figure. Thumbnails shown in the Still Store.

    Still Store images are saved at the native resolution of the source media from which they’re derived, but they’re not saved with the currently applied LUT correction. That way, if your project were using a LUT when you saved the images in the Still Store, and you clear that LUT from your project, the saved still images will continue to match the shots they originated from.

    Important: Still Store images aren’t updated if the shot they originated from is regraded. This means that if you save a Still Store image from a shot, and then later regrade that shot to have a different look, the saved Still Store image will no longer be representative of that shot and should be removed. If there is any question whether or not a still image correctly reflects a shot’s current grade, the date and time the still image was saved might provide a hint.

Why Is Your Project Getting So Big?

Because all still images are saved within the “StillStore” subdirectory inside your project bundle, you may notice that your project takes longer to back up than it used to if you save a lot of still images. If you need to reduce the size of the project file, you should delete as many unused Still Store images as you can.