Saving Still Store Images in Subdirectories

By default, whenever you save a still image, it’s saved in your project’s internal “StillStore” subdirectory and appears in the Still Store bin along with all the other stills you saved. All stills in the Still Store bin appear in the order in which they were created, with the newest stills appearing last.

You can also organize your saved stills into subdirectories. You might create individual subdirectories based on the date of work, the scene stills are saved from, or any other organizational means of your own devising.

To create a custom subdirectory in the Still Store bin
  1. Click the Still Store tab.

  2. Click New Folder.

  3. When the New Folder dialog appears, enter a name in the “Name of new folder” field, then click Create.

    A new subdirectory appears inside of the “StillStore” directory within your project bundle and becomes the currently open directory to which all new still images are saved.

Important: You cannot move still images into subdirectories once they’ve been created. To save new stills in a subdirectory, you need to navigate the Still Store bin to that directory before saving any new stills.