Examining the Color Render Log

Every time you render shots in a project, information about what was rendered, when it was rendered, and how long it took to render is written to a color.log file. This information can be used to benchmark your system, troubleshoot rendering issues, and keep a record of how long different projects take to render. Every time you render anything in any Color project, information about that rendering session is appended to this one log.

Whenever you click Start Render, the date and time the render was started and number of clips queued up for rendering is written into the log, followed by information and statistics about each clip that is rendered. This information includes:

The date and time that rendering was completed appears after the end of each session’s individual clip entries.

The color.log file is stored in /Users/username/Library/Logs directory. However, you can view this log from within Color.

To see the Color render log
  • Choose Render Queue > Show Render Log.

    The render log appears in a Console window.

You have the option of clearing out the color.log file if it becomes too long.

To clear the Color render log
  • With the Render Log window showing, click Clear Display.