Choosing Printing Density When Rendering DPX Media

When you’re rendering DPX image sequences in preparation for printing to film, it’s important that you choose the appropriate Printing Density from the Project Settings tab of the Setup room. Consult with the film printing facility you’re working with to determine the right setting for your program.

Note: Choosing Cineon as the Render File Type limits the Printing Density to Film (95 Black - 685 White : Logarithmic), while choosing QuickTime as the Render File Type limits it to Linear (0 Black - 1023 White).

The Printing Density pop-up menu lets you choose how to map 0 percent black and 100 percent white in each color-corrected shot to the minimum and maximum numeric ranges that each format supports. Additionally, the option you choose determines whether or not super-white values are preserved. There are three possible settings: