Gather Rendered Media

The Gather Rendered Media command can only be used if the shots of a project have been rendered as a series of DPX or Cineon image sequences. This command is used to reorganize all of a project’s rendered image sequence media in preparation for delivery to a film printer.

This operation organizes your rendered image sequences in three ways:

Important: You cannot gather media in an XML-based roundtrip.

To gather rendered media
  1. Chose File > Gather Rendered Media.

  2. Choose one of three options for gathering the rendered media for your project:

    • Copy Files: Makes duplicates of the image sequence files, but leaves the originally rendered files in the render directory.
    • Move Files: Copies the image sequence files, and then deletes the originally rendered files from the render directory.
    • Link Files: Creates aliases of the originally rendered files in the render directory. This is useful if you want to process the frames using an application on your computer, and you don’t want to duplicate the media unnecessarily. This is not useful if you’re intending to transport the media to another facility, since the alias files only point to the original media in the render directory, and contain no actual image data.
  3. Click Create New Directory if you want to place the gathered media inside of a new directory.

  4. Click Gather.

    Every rendered frame of every shot in your project is renamed, renumbered, and placed in the directory you specified, ready for further processing or delivery.