Using Color with One or Two Monitors

Color is compatible with both one- and two-monitor computer configurations, and requires a minimum resolution of 1680 x 1050 in either mode. Most users will benefit from using Color in dual display mode with two monitors, as this provides the most screen real estate and also allows for the most flexible use of the preview and video scopes displayed in the Scopes window of the second monitor.

However, Color can also be used in single display mode, which lets you operate Color in situations where a second display is not available. Single display mode is only recommended on 30-inch Cinema Displays.

Warning: It is not recommended to run Color on a system with more then one graphics card. For two-monitor support, both monitors should be connected to the same graphics card.

To switch between single and dual display modes
Do one of the following:
  • Choose Window > Single Display Mode or Dual Display Mode.

  • Press Shift-Command-0 to switch between modes.

    You must quit Color and reopen it for this change to take effect.