Exporting EDLs

You can export EDLs out of Color, which can be a good way of moving projects back to other editorial applications. When exporting an EDL, it’s up to the application with which you’ll be importing the EDL to successfully relink to the media that’s rendered out of Color.

Note: To help facilitate media relinking, the media path is written to the comment column in the exported EDL, although not all editing applications support this convention.

To export an EDL
  1. Choose File > Export > EDL.

  2. When the Export EDL dialog appears, click Browse.

  3. Enter a name for the EDL you’re exporting in the File field of the Export EDL File dialog, choose a location for the file, then click Save.

  4. If you didn’t change any of the shot names when you exported the final rendered media for this project, turn on “Use original media name.”

  5. Click OK.

    A new EDL file is created, and the clips within are linked to the media directory you specified.