Importing Color Corrections

The File > Import > Color Corrections command lets you apply the grades and color corrections from the shots of one project file to those within the currently open project. It’s meant to be used with Color projects that are based on the same source, so that a newly imported version of a project you’ve already been working on can be updated with all the grades that were applied to the previous version.

For this command to work properly, the project you’re importing the color corrections from must have the same number of shots in the Timeline as the project you’re applying the imported color corrections to. The shot numbers in each project are used to determine which color correction is copied to which shot. For example, the color correction from shot 145 in the source project is copied to shot 145 in the destination project.

After using this command, all grades in the destination project are overwritten with those from the source.

To import the color corrections from one project to another
  1. Open the Color project into which you want to import the corrections.

  2. Choose File > Import > Color Corrections.

  3. In the Projects dialog, select the Color project containing the corrections you want to import, then click Load.

    The shots in the currently open project are updated with the color corrections from the other project file.