Importing EDLs

You can import an EDL directly into Color. There are two reasons to use EDLs instead of XML files:

Color imports the following EDL formats:

To speed up the process of importing an EDL, you can copy all EDL files to the default project directory specified by Color.

To import an EDL
  1. Do one of the following:

    • Open Color.

    • If Color is already open, Choose File > Import > EDL.

  2. Choose an EDL file from the Projects dialog.

    The EDL Import Settings dialog appears, defaulting to the default project directory specified in the User Prefs tab of the Setup room.

    Figure. EDL Import Settings dialog.
  3. Choose the appropriate project properties from the available lists and pop-up menus. For more information, see EDL Import Settings.

  4. When you finish choosing all the necessary settings, click Import.

    A new project is created, and the EDL is converted into a sequence of shots in the Timeline. The position of each shot should match the Timeline of the original project.

    Note: If the Source Directory you specified has any potential media conflicts (for example, two clips with overlapping timecode or a missing reel number), you see a warning dialog that gives you the option of writing a text file log of all potential conflicts to help you sort them out.