Relinking Media

If necessary, you can manually relink media to a Color project. When you use the Relink command, Color matches each shot in the Timeline with its corresponding media file using the following criteria:

If neither of these criteria matches, you’re given the following warning:

Figure. Relinking warning.

If you click Yes and proceed with relinking to a different file, then the original Source In and Source Out values for that shot will be overwritten with those of the new clip.

To relink every shot in your project
  1. Choose File > Reconnect Media.

  2. Choose the directory where the project’s media is saved from the Choose Media Path dialog, then click Choose.

    If that directory contains all the media used by the project, then every shot in the Timeline is automatically relinked. If there are still missing media files, you are warned, and these shots will remain offline; you need to use the Reconnect Media command again to relink them.

To relink a single shot in the Timeline
  1. Control-click or right-click a shot in the Timeline, then choose Relink Media from the shortcut menu.

  2. Choose a clip to relink to from the Select Media To Relink dialog, then click Load.

    If the name and starting timecode of the media file matches that of the shot in the Timeline, the media link is restored.