Basic Timeline Elements

The Timeline is divided into a number of tracks that contain the shots, grades, and keyframes used by your program.

Figure. Overview of Timeline controls.
  • Render bar: The render bars above the Timeline ruler show whether or not a shot is unrendered (red), or has been rendered (green).
  • Timeline ruler: Shows a time scale for the Timeline. Dragging within the Timeline ruler lets you move the playhead, scrubbing through the program.
  • Playhead: Shows the position of the currently displayed frame in the Timeline. The position of the playhead also determines the current shot that’s being worked on.
  • Video tracks and shots: Each shot in the program is represented within one of the video tracks directly underneath the Timeline ruler. Color only allows you to create up to five video tracks when you’re assembling a project from scratch, but will accommodate however many superimposed video tracks there are in imported projects.

    Note: Color does not currently support compositing operations. During playback, superimposed clips take visual precedence over clips in lower tracks.

  • Track resize handles: The tracks can be made taller or shorter by dragging their resize handles up or down.
  • Lock icon: The lock icon shows whether or not a track has been locked.
  • Grades tracks: Color allows you to switch among up to four primary grades applied to each shot. This option lets you quickly preview different looks applied to the same shot, without losing your previous work. Each grade is labeled Grade 1–4.

    Each of the four grades may include one or more Primary, Secondary, Color FX, and Primary Out corrections. By default, each grade appears with a single primary grade bar, but additional correction bars appear at the bottom if you’ve made adjustments to any of the other rooms for that grade. Each correction bar has a different color.

    Figure. Grade bars, with accompanying Primary, Secondary, and CFX bars and keyframes.
    • P(rimary) bar: Shows whether a primary correction has been applied.
    • S(econdary) bar: Shows whether one or more secondary corrections have been applied.
    • CFX (color FX) bar: Shows whether a Color FX correction has been applied.
    • PO (primary out) bar: Shows whether a Primary Out correction has been applied.
  • Tracker area: If you add a motion tracker to a shot and process it, the tracker’s In and Out points appear in this area, with a green bar showing how much of the currently selected tracker has been processed. If no tracker is selected in the Tracking tab of the Geometry room, nothing appears in this area. For more information, see The Tracking Tab.
  • Keyframe graph: This track contains both the keyframes and the curves that interpolate the change from one keyframe’s value to another. For more information about keyframing corrections and effects, see Keyframing.