The Settings 1 Tab

The timing properties listed in the Settings 1 tab are not editable. Instead, they reflect each shot’s position in the Timeline and the properties of the source media that each shot is linked to.

Figure. Settings 1 tab.
  • Project In and Project Out: Defines the location of the shot in the Timeline.
  • Trim In and Trim Out: Defines the portion of source media that’s actually used in the project, relative to the total available duration of the source media file on disk. The Trim In and Trim Out timecodes cannot be outside the range of Source In and Source Out parameters.
  • Source In and Source Out: Defines the start and end points of the original source media on disk. If Trim In is equal to Source In and Trim Out is equal to Source Out, there are no unused handles available in the source media on disk—you are using all available media.