The Settings 2 Tab

The Settings 2 tab contains additional settings that let you modify the header data of DPX and Cineon image files.

Figure. Settings 2 tab.
  • Override Header Settings: Selecting this button enables the Printing Density pop-up menu to be manually changed, so that you can override the printing density settings in the DPX header for the current shot.
  • DeInterlace: Selecting this button lets you individually deinterlace clips. This setting overrides the Deinterlace Renders and Deinterlace Previews settings in the Project Settings tab. When DeInterlace is turned on, both video fields are averaged together to create a single frame.
  • Copy To All: Copies the current header settings to every single shot in the Timeline. This is useful if you find that the header data for all of the film scan media your program uses is incorrect. Use this with extreme caution.
  • Copy To Selected: Copies the current header settings to all currently selected shots in the Timeline. Useful if your project consists of a variety of scanned media from different sources with different header values.