Selecting the Current Shot

Whichever shot you move the playhead to becomes the current shot. The current shot is the one that’s adjusted whenever you manipulate any of the controls in the Primary In, Secondary, Color FX, Primary Out, or Geometry room. There can only be one current shot at a time. It’s the only one that’s highlighted in light gray.

Figure. Showing the current shot in the Timeline.

As you move the playhead through the Timeline, the controls and parameters of all rooms automatically update to match the grade of the current shot at the position of the playhead.

If there is more than one shot stacked in multiple video tracks at any point in the Timeline, the topmost shot becomes the current shot except in the following two cases:

To make a shot in the Timeline the current shot
Do one of the following:
  • Double-click any shot in the Timeline.

  • Move the playhead to a new shot.

    Note: When you double-click a shot, the Timeline moves so that the shot is centered in the Timeline, and it becomes the current shot.