Zooming In and Out of the Timeline

The following controls let you zoom in and out of your program in the Timeline, changing how many shots are visible at once.

How far you can zoom in to the Timeline depends on what units the Timeline ruler is set to display. The larger the units the Timeline is set to display, the farther you can zoom out. For example, in order to view more shots in the Timeline simultaneously, you can zoom out farther when the Timeline ruler is set to Minutes than when it’s set to Frames.

Note: Zooming using the mouse allows you to zoom in or out as far as you want to go; the Timeline ruler’s units change automatically as you zoom.

To zoom in to and out of the Timeline
  1. Move the playhead to a position in the Timeline where you want to center the zooming operation.

  2. With the pointer positioned within the Timeline, do one of the following:

    • Choose Timeline > Zoom In, or press Minus Sign (–) to zoom in.

    • Choose Timeline > Zoom Out, or press Equal Sign (=) to zoom out.

      Note: You can also use the Plus Sign (+) and Minus Sign (–) keys in the numeric keypad to zoom in to or out of the Timeline.

To zoom in to and out of the Timeline using the mouse
  • Right-click in the Timeline ruler, then drag right to zoom in, or left to zoom out.

To fit every shot of your program into the available width of the Timeline
  • Press Shift-Z.