Selecting Shots in the Timeline

There are certain operations, such as copying primary corrections, that you can perform on selected groups of shots. Color provides standard methods of selecting one or more shots in the Timeline.

Note: You can also select shots using the Shots browser. For more information, see Using the Shots Browser.

To select a shot in the Timeline
  • Click any shot.

    Selected shots appear with a cyan highlight in the Timeline.

    Figure. Selected shots in the Timeline highlighted with cyan.
To select a contiguous number of shots
  1. Click the first of a range of shots you want to select.

  2. Shift-click another shot at the end of the range of shots.

    All shots in between the first and second shots you selected are also selected.

    Figure. Selecting contiguous shots in the Timeline.
To select a noncontiguous number of shots
  • Command-click any number of shots in the Timeline.

    Figure. Selecting discontiguous shots in the Timeline.

    Note: Command-clicking a selected shot deselects it.

To select all shots in the Timeline
  • Choose Edit > Select All (or press Command-A).

To deselect all shots in the Timeline
Do one of the following:
  • Choose Edit > Deselect All (or press Command-Shift-A).

  • Select a previously unselected shot to clear the current selection.

  • Click in an empty area of the Timeline.

Important: If the current shot at the position of the playhead is not selected, it will not be automatically included in the selection when you apply saved corrections or grades from a bin.