What Scopes Are Available?

The following video scopes are available in the Scopes window:

The location where the video scopes appear depends on whether Color is configured to single- or dual-display mode:

The Accuracy of Color Video Scopes

To create a real-time analysis of the video signal (even during adjustment and playback), Color downsamples the current image to a resolution of 384 x 192. The downsampled image is then analyzed and the resulting data displayed by the currently selected scopes. This same downsampled resolution is used regardless of the original resolution of the source media.

Using this method, every pixel contributes to the final analysis of the image. In tests, the graphs produced by the Color video scopes closely match those produced by dedicated video scopes and are extremely useful as an aid to evaluating and matching shots while you work in Color. However, you should be aware that the Color analysis is still an approximation of the total data. Dedicated video scopes are still valuable for critical evaluation.

Note: If you’re concerned about catching stray out-of-gamut pixels while you make adjustments for QC purposes, you can turn on the Broadcast Safe settings to protect yourself from QC violations. For more information, see Broadcast Safe Settings.