What Is the Primary In Room Used For?

Typically, you'll use the Primary In room to do tasks such as the following:

All these tasks and more can be performed using the tools that are available in the Primary In room. In fact, when working on shows that require relatively simple corrections, you may do all your corrections right here, including perhaps a slight additional adjustment to warm up or cool down the image for purely aesthetic purposes. (On the other hand, you can also perform different stages of these necessary corrections in other rooms for organizational purposes. For more information about how to split up and organize corrections in different ways, see Managing a Shot’s Corrections Using Multiple Rooms.)

The Primary In room also lets you make specific adjustments. Even though the Primary In room applies corrections to the entire image, you can target these corrections to specific aspects of the picture. Many of the controls in the Primary In room are designed to make adjustments to specific regions of tonality. In other words, some controls adjust the color in brighter parts of the picture, while other controls only affect the color in its darker regions. Still other types of controls affect specific color channels, such that you can lower or raise the green channel without affecting the red or blue channels.