Using the Auto Balance Button

The Auto Balance button performs an automatic analysis of the current shot, based on the frame at the position of the playhead. This is useful for quickly bringing a problem shot with a subtly inobvious color cast to a neutral state, prior to performing further color correction.

When you click this button, Color automatically samples the darkest and lightest 5 percent of the image’s Luma channel in order to determine how to make shadow and highlight adjustments to neutralize any color casts that are present in the image. In addition, the black and white points of the image are adjusted to maximize image contrast, so that the shot occupies the widest available range from 0 to 100.

Note: Unlike the Auto Balance controls in the Final Cut Pro Color Corrector 3-way filter, the Auto Balance button is completely automatic, and does not require you to select individual areas of the image for analysis.

To use the Auto Balance button
  1. Move the playhead in the Timeline to a representative frame of the shot you want to automatically color balance.

  2. Click Auto Balance.

    Figure. Auto Balance button.

Once the analysis has been performed, the Red, Green, and Blue Lift and Gain parameters in the Advanced tab of the Primary In room are automatically set to contain the results of these adjustments. The result should render whites, grays, and blacks in the image completely neutral.

Since the necessary adjustments are made to the Lift and Gain parameters in the Advanced tab, the main Shadow, Midtone, Highlight, and Curves controls remain unused and remain available to you for further adjustment of the image.