The Advanced Tab

This tab contains another set of parameters for adjusting each of the three primary color channels within each of the three tonal zones. Additionally, there is a set of Printer Points controls for colorists who are used to optical color grading for film.

Figure. Advanced tab.

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RGB Controls

These parameters provide per-channel control over contrast and color. These are not numerical representations of any of the other controls in the Primary In room. Like the parameters in the Basic tab, they're available as an additional set of controls.

Figure. RGB parameters.

Typically, these parameters are adjusted when the Auto Balance button is used to automatically adjust a shot. (For more information, see Using the Auto Balance Button.) However, you can use them as you see fit.

  • Red, Green, and Blue Lift: These parameters work exactly the same as the Master Lift parameter, but affect the individual color channels.
  • Red, Green, and Blue Gain: These parameters work exactly the same as the Master Gain parameter, but affect the individual color channels.
  • Red, Green, and Blue Gamma: These parameters work exactly the same as the Master Gamma parameter, but affect the individual color channels.

Printer Points Controls

These parameters are available for colorists who are used to working with the printer points system for color timing film. Employed by film printing machines, the printer points system allows color correction to be performed optically, by shining filtered light through the conformed camera negatives to expose an intermediate positive print, in the process creating a single reel of film that is the color-corrected print.

The process of controlling the color of individual shots and doing scene-to-scene color correction is accomplished using just three controls to individually adjust the amount of red, green, and blue light that exposes the film, using a series of optical filters and shutters. This method of making adjustments can be reproduced digitally using the Printer Points parameters.

Tip: These parameters are controllable using knobs on most compatible control surfaces.

What Is a Printer Point?

Each of the Red, Green, and Blue parameters is adjusted in discrete increments called printer points (with each point being a fraction of an ƒ-stop, the scale used to measure film exposure). Color implements a standard system employing a total range of 50 points for each channel, where point 25 is the original neutral state for that color channel. Technically speaking, each point represents 1/4 of an ƒ-stop of exposure (one ƒ-stop represents a doubling of light). Each full stop of exposure equals 12 printer points.

Making Adjustments Using Printer Points

Unlike virtually every other control in the Primary In room, the Red, Green, and Blue Printer Points parameters make a uniform adjustment to the entire color channel, irrespective of image tonality.

Also unique is the way in which adjustments are made. To emulate the nature of the filters employed by these kinds of machines, raising a parameter such as the Printer Points Red parameter doesn’t actually boost the red; instead, it removes red, causing the image to shift to cyan (the secondary of green and blue). To increase red, you actually need to decrease the Printer Points Red parameter.

Increasing or decreasing all three Printer Points parameters together darkens the image (by raising all three parameters) or lightens it (by lowering all three parameters). Making disproportionate adjustments to the three channels changes the color balance of the image relative to the adjustment, altering the color of the image and allowing for the correction or introduction of color casts.

The Printer Points Parameters

These parameters control calibration and individual printer points for each color channel.

Figure. Printer points parameters.
  • Printer Points Calibration: This value calibrates the printer points system according to the film gamma standard you wish to use. The default value of 7.8 is derived by multiplying the value 12 (points per ƒ-stop) by a value of 0.65 (the default film gamma standard used). 0.65 * 12 = 7.8. To recalibrate for a different film gamma value, insert your own gamma value into the equation.
  • Printer Points Red: The value with which to raise or lower the red channel.
  • Printer Points Green: The value with which to raise or lower the green channel.
  • Printer Points Blue: The value with which to raise or lower the blue channel.

    Note: There is also a printer points node available in the Color FX room, which works identically to the parameters covered in this section.