About Color

Color has been designed from the ground up as a feature-rich color correction environment that complements a wide variety of post-production workflows, whether your project is standard definition, high definition, or a 2K digital intermediate. If you've edited a program using Final Cut Pro, it's easy to send your program to Color for grading and then send it back to Final Cut Pro for final output. However, it's also easy to reconform projects that originate as EDLs from other editing environments.

Color has the tools that professional colorists demand, including:

All of these tools are divided among eight individual “rooms” of the Color interface, logically arranged in an order that matches the workflow of most colorists. You use Color to correct, balance, and create stylized “looks” for each shot in your program as the last step in the post-production workflow, giving your programs a final polish previously available only to high-end facilities.