Converting Stereo Audio Files to Dolby Digital Professional Format

Follow these steps to encode a stereo (2/0 L,R) Dolby Digital Professional (AC-3) stream from a stereo source media file.

To encode an AC-3 stream
  1. Add source audio files to the Batch window (see Importing Source Media Files for details).

  2. Save the batch by choosing File > Save As (or pressing Command-Shift-S), then entering a name for the batch, selecting a location, and clicking Save.

  3. Do one of the following to apply the appropriate Apple setting from the Dolby Digital Professional category to the source audio file:

    • Choose Target > New Target With Setting, choose a setting, and click Add.

    • In the Batch window, Control-click in an empty part of the job, choose New Target With Setting from the pop-up menu, choose a setting, and click Add.

    • Drag a setting from the Settings tab to the source audio file’s job in the Batch window.

  4. Optionally, make any adjustments to the setting in the Encoding pane of the Inspector window (see About the Dolby Digital Professional Encoder Pane for more information).

    Note: Compressor will map channels intelligently. Here are some examples:

    • If you import a stereo source file and apply a mono 1/0 (C) audio coding mode to it: The file will be down-mixed.
    • If you apply a surround audio coding mode to the stereo file: The left and right channels will be mapped to the left front (L) and right front (R) channels, leaving the other channels of the coding mode silent.
    • If you assign a stereo file to the left front or left (rear) surround channel: Compressor will pick the left channel and ignore the right channel.
  5. Click Submit.

    For information about encoding surround sound files, see Assigning Files to Surround Sound Channels (Manual Method) and Assigning Files to Surround Sound Channels (Automatic Methods). Also see About Previewing the Encoder Settings for information on playing your AC-3 audio files with Compressor.