Configuring Image Sequence Settings

You use the Image Sequence output format if you want to transcode a video clip into a series of still images.

To create an Image Sequence setting
  1. In the Settings tab, do one of the following:

    • Make sure that the correct setting is selected.

    • Create a new setting by choosing Image Sequence from the “Create a new setting” (+) pop-up menu.

  2. Apply the setting to a job in the Batch window.

  3. Make sure the resulting image sequence target is selected.

  4. In the Inspector, click the Encoder tab, then choose Image Sequence from the File Format pop-up menu.

    The Image Sequence Encoder pane appears.

  5. Use the Image Type pop-up menu to choose one of the following image sequence types for the output media. For descriptions of these output types, see Creating Image Sequence Output Files.

    • TIFF

    • TARGA

    • DPX

    • IFF

    • JPEG

    • openEXR

  6. Enter a number in the Frame Rate (fps) field or choose a frame rate from the pop-up menu.

  7. Select the “Create unique output directory” checkbox if you want your image sequence files stored in their own folder in the destination folder.

  8. Select the “Add leading zeros to frame numbers” checkbox if you want your output image sequence files numbered with the format 0000nn.

Important: The Compressor Remote Destination feature does not support uploading image sequences to a remote destination (FTP server). Instead, use FTP software to upload the image sequence to remote servers.

Since all still image types require square pixels (a pixel aspect of 1.0), Compressor may have to alter the pixel dimensions of an image sequence job. To view or adjust these parameters, select the target in the Batch window and click the Geometry tab in the Inspector. If you will be using the image sequence in an application that can be set to a specific size and pixel aspect ratio (such as Motion), make the appropriate changes in the Geometry pane before encoding.

To adjust the pixel aspect ratio of an image sequence job before transcoding
  1. In the Batch window, select the image sequence target.

  2. In the Geometry pane in the Inspector window, use the Frame Size pop-up menu to choose the appropriate output dimensions (such as 720x480, 1920x1080, and so on) for the image sequence.

    The Pixel Aspect pop-up menu becomes active.

  3. In the Pixel Aspect pop-up menu in the Geometry pane, choose the appropriate pixel aspect ratio for your image sequence.

See About the Image Sequence Encoder Pane for more information about the Image Sequence Encoder pane. See About the Geometry Pane for more information about the Geometry pane.

Note: You can see the current contents of your setting by viewing the Summary pane of the Inspector window.