MP3 Transcoding Workflow

How you use Compressor to transcode your audio into MP3 format files depends on how you intend them to be used. The basic steps are described below.

  1. Stage 1: Creating a Batch

    As with any transcode, you need to start by creating a batch. See Preparing Compressor for Transcoding with Custom Settings for more information.

  2. Stage 2: Creating Jobs with the Source Audio Files

    Import the source audio files either by dragging them from Finder to the batch or by choosing Job > New Job With File.

  3. Stage 3: Adding Annotations (If Needed)

    If you intend to play the MP3 files with a device or application, such as iTunes, you can add a variety of annotations, such as artist, album, title, and so on, that can be read and displayed.

  4. Stage 4: Adding Targets with an MP3 Setting to Each of the Jobs

    Each of the jobs requires at least one target—in this case the jobs need targets with an MP3 setting. If there is more than one job, it is easiest to select all the jobs by choosing Edit > Select All and then choose Target > New Target With Setting to apply the same setting to all the jobs.

  5. Stage 5: Submitting the Batch for Transcoding

    Click the Submit button to start the transcode process. See Submitting a Batch for more information.