MPEG-1 Specifications

Compressor supports all the MPEG-1 specifications for frame sizes, frame rates, video encoding, and audio encoding.

MPEG-1 Frame Sizes and Frame Rates

Compressor can produce full frame rate video (25 fps and 29.97 fps for DVD and 23.976 fps, 25 fps, and 29.97 fps for the web) with SIF resolutions dependent on the use.

  • Web: 320 x 240
  • NTSC: 352 x 240
  • PAL: 352 x 288

While the NTSC and PAL resolutions are roughly half the full resolution of MPEG-2 video, when played on a DVD player they automatically expand to fill the entire screen.

MPEG-1 File Format Specifications

MPEG-1 video encoding uses a process very similar to that used in MPEG2 encoding—many of the same terms and settings apply. In Compressor, the encoding settings are set as follows.

  • Encoding mode: One pass
  • GOP structure: Open
  • GOP pattern: BBIBBP
  • GOP length: 15 frames for NTSC; 12 frames for PAL

These settings are fixed and apply to all Compressor MPEG-1 video output files. See GOP Tab for information about Group of Pictures (GOP) settings. See Quality Tab for information on the encoding mode.

The MPEG-1 output files can have I-frames forced on specific frames by placing compression markers on them. These markers can be added to the source media file using Final Cut Pro or can be added manually in the Preview window. See Adding Markers to a Clip for more information.

The MPEG-1 format does not support named chapter markers.