Terms Used by Compressor

There are a few terms used by Compressor that you should feel comfortable with before you begin using it.

A batch is the heart of the transcode process. It contains one or more source media files, which are the files you want to convert, or transcode, to another format. Each source media file creates its own job. This means that a batch can contain multiple jobs, with each job based on its own source media file.

Each job also has at least one target. The targets define what sort of output file should be created by the transcoding process and where it should be placed. You can have multiple targets assigned to a job, which means that you can easily create multiple output files, each with a different format.

Each target has three parts.

Note: You can transcode a job only after it has at least one setting assigned to it.

If you need to create your own settings, or modify those that come with Compressor, see The Basic Transcoding Workflow and Creating, Previewing, and Modifying Settings.