Adding Filters to a Setting

You use the Filters pane in the Inspector window to add filters to your settings.

To add filters to a setting
  1. Open the Settings tab.

  2. Select the setting in the Settings tab that you want to modify. (Or select a setting already applied to a source media file in the Batch window. This way, you can open the Preview window and see the effects of your filter adjustments.)

  3. Click the Filters pane in the Inspector.

  4. Make adjustments to any filters that you want added to the setting.

    Note: A checkmark appears automatically as soon as you make adjustments to any filter.

    Figure. Filters pane of the Inspector window.
  5. Drag the filters up or down within the Filters list to set the order in which you want them applied to the source media file during transcoding.

    Figure. Adjusting the order of filters in the Filters pane of the Inspector window.

    Because these filters are processed one by one during transcoding—starting with the first item in the list—it is important that your filters be organized in the order you want them. For example, it is sensible to place your text overlay filter last, so that the text color you selected doesn’t get modified by some other filter.

    If you move a filter, be sure to select the checkbox so that Compressor knows to apply the filter to that setting. As an additional reminder, once you select the moved filter and then try to select another setting, the Save dialog appears, requiring you to save or revert the changes to that setting. By default, all selected filters are displayed first in the list.

Note: You can see setting details in the Summary pane of the Inspector window.

See About the Filters Pane for more details.