Creating and Changing Destinations

Compressor allows you to choose where to save your transcoded files.

Without a selected destination, the output file is saved to the same folder as the source media file. This may be satisfactory for your needs, but if there are various remote uploading servers, or if you just want a specific type of output file to end up in a specific location, you must assign that destination.

If you have a volume open on your desktop, it is treated the same as a local destination and allows you to save output media files directly, without the extra steps needed for remote destinations, such as specifying the host name and entering the user name and password. When you use the remote option for your destination, you can save to any folder under the User directory of that remote computer.

Once you have created all your necessary destinations, you won’t have to open the Destinations tab again, because you can select all destinations directly from the Batch window once they have been created.

Note: Make sure that your output files have access and appropriate privileges to any remote destination you assign.