Creating Destinations for Use with DVD Studio Pro

When you are encoding video and audio files for use in DVD Studio Pro, you can make importing and using the files within DVD Studio Pro easier by creating a custom destination for them.

DVD Studio Pro includes the ability to automatically locate and, if applicable, import or use an audio file when you import or use a video file with the same root name. For example, if you assign a video file to a menu’s background, DVD Studio Pro looks for an audio file with the same name and automatically sets it as the menu’s audio.

The default Compressor destinations add the Setting name to the filename. Since different settings are required to output DVD compatible video and audio files, this results in the video and audio filenames never being the same—even if they are from the same source file.

When creating custom destinations in Compressor, you can choose to not include the preset name file identifier with the output filename.

To remove the setting name from a destination
  1. Double-click the destination.

    The Template field in the Inspector window lists the file identifiers assigned to the destination.

  2. If “Setting name” is listed in the Template field, delete it.

    Figure. Template field showing Setting name.