Droplet Tips

Here are some additional tips on using Droplets to transcode source media files.

Droplets and Compressor Processing Services

If you drag files to a Droplet icon without first opening the application or opening a Droplet, Compressor may display an alert message (“This computer is unavailable”), indicating that Compressor processing services have not yet started up in the background. Click Submit at the bottom of the Droplet window. Compressor processing services will start up and transcode the files.

Droplets and Large Numbers of Source Media Files

If you submit a large number of source media files (such as 200 or more) using a Droplet, there may be a delay of about 1 minute between the “Getting ready for processing” alert message and the dialog reporting that the job is being submitted. You can avoid this reporting delay by reducing the number of source files you submit at one time with a Droplet.