Compressor Concepts and Terms

This section covers some common terms that you may encounter as you use Compressor.

The following diagram illustrates how the standard Compressor transcoding process works. The largest transcoding component is a batch. The batch represents all the components needed to transcode your current media. It must contain one or more jobs. A job consists of at least one source media file with one or more targets, each with a setting and a destination associated with it. After the transcoding process, the resulting file is known as the output media file. One output media file is created for each setting assigned to a source media file.

In the illustration below, the batch contains two source media files, each of which is a job containing two targets (sets of a setting and destination). The total number of output files created by transcoding this batch will be four: Job 1 will create two output media files, as will Job 2.

Figure. Diagram showing a batch with two jobs and the resulting output media files.

A typical Compressor transcoding process consists of the following components.